Free Kart Plans 


About the plans, "viewing", "Printing out of the Plans", etc. Read Me.
You can download a PDF document of the Plans Here
(approx 2.5 mb, Thanks to Geoffrey Wemans for making this document)

The Step by Step Guide to building that Kart of your own.

 Firstly a gereral view of this Kart can be found here : Plan

 This is the layout of these Plans and which is the order in which this Project should be tackled :

 1.   - Chassis Construction

 2.   - Axle (rear)                                                                                                            

 3.   - Stub Axles + King Pins (front)             

 4.   -  Brakes and Sprockets on Rear Axle

 5.   - Steering, (track rods, column, wheel, etc)

 6.   - Engine Mounting

 7.   - Floor Pan

 8.   - Seat

 9.   - Pedals

 10. - Gear change Linking

 11. - Bumpers

 And that's it Finished. Everything that's contained in the Titles are in the Links, Complete.  Wait for the new Section on my Main Home Page which will have easier to build Karts, using basic Tools and household materials. So Start Collecting.

 There are detailed construction diagrams, component parts etc. contained within each of the above main  chapters. Each with their own links to relevant other sections.

Best of Luck to all of you who are going to undertake this Task. Hope it works out to your satisfaction. It's not as complicated as it all Looks. For those of you Maybye's, - keep stocking up on the parts, wheels etc. untill you set out on this Project.


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