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This Racing Kart, complete with all the various plans and details drawn out and available on this website is now sold, making room for further karts and engineering work. There are photos as can be seen below of this racing kart, fully painted, having a hammer blue finish for the main chassis, and silver for the rest. A smaller rear axle sprocket for the Suzuki 100cc motorbike engine was obtained and fitted in order to get higher speeds in fifth gear! prior to being sold. 

This racing kart is ideal for racing on tarmac, concrete and on hard sand. 

Click here for Final  Photos of Racing Kart for Sale

Stats of Engine:

Suzuki GP100, 100CC, two-stroke, air cooled, 12 Hp, 8,500 rpm, Five gears/ speed, manual clutch.
This racing kart had five gears, a manual clutch and a disc brake on the rear live axle.

The asking price for this Kart was 400 Euros and I obtained 385 Euros for the final selling price.

Stephen Burke