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                 Here are the best links that I think are to do with karting/off road karting.

A1. An EXCELLENT Website on Karts. This website includes chassis specifications and measurements. Although the plans are scanned in, all the information is included. Definately Worth a Look. Make sure to go to ALL the links at the top of page. There are plans for a modern racing kart and also a cross country kart.
One little Hitch - The website is in French. All the measurements and plans are in English fortunately.

LINK to Original Page in French:
LINK to the Translated Page via GOOGLE:

2. A new website on a Karting Arena/ Racing Track here in Ireland. Nice photos of chassis and proper racing kart engines and specs. Has second-hand engines and parts on offer also. See their Website for details.


3. If you want information on how to get that old four stroke engine of yours going in overdrive go to this page cause it has a wealth of information on all four stroke engines. Worth a read.


4. An Excellent KartBuilding Information Website There is loads of information on all aspects of karting and mini-bikes. There are topics such as: Suspension, Lights, Roll Cages, Guards, Carburetors etc. etc. Check it out.


7. An Excellent descriptive website on racing karts, with transferable information to off-road karts. Go to the 'Tech Tips' section.


8. A short website containing photos of a racing kart and a massive motorcycle engine. Worth a look for seeing how to connect up a motorbike engine to drive a kart. I have always taken the easy option of using air-cooled small engines.



An excellent kart with plans and suspension and a nice video of the kart too. (Note: in Spanish I think)



This website is focused on safe go karting for all ages and abilities, and has some excellent general knowledge information about going karting. Worth a look!

link: A fun sport for all ages and abilities. We offer great tips and advice to help you get the most out of go-karting.

    Well that's all the good ones I've come across yet. E-mail me with any ones you think are good and relevant. I will be interested in sites related to engines, karts, scrap heap etc.

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